Deceased black and white Male cat found The Hill Northfleet

We were alerted to a deceased cat seen by a dog walker in Northfleet this evening in the middle of the road just past the chemist along that road.   We left immediately to attend.  The finder of the cat came out to show us where he had seen the cat,  however the cat had disappeared so we headed back to base.  As we returned we received an inbox from a lovely lady who had stopped and picked up the cat and took him home with her to safety.

We attended as soon as we could and checked the cat for a chip,  but no chip was found.  He had no collar on and isn’t neutered.  He looks approximately 4 years old and is black with white socks,  a white belly and a thick band of white half way around his neck.  He also looked as though he has yellow eyes.  

He will stay in our care until tomorrow when we will take him to the vets.  


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