Deceased Ginger Tabby male cat found Capstone Road Chatham

We recieved a message late last night about a cat that was involved in an RTA and didn’t survive the accident. We attended as soon as we could to help and check the cat for a chip. Unfortunately the cat wasn’t chipped however he was neutered and had a collar on with a tag. We were handed the collar with the cat but not the tag as the tag was lost after the details were copied onto paper.  We have tried to call the number that was on the tag and have also sent a text message to the phone number but no reply yet.  The tag also had the word ‘Torres’ and the postcode ‘me5 7pn’ on it, so we believe that the cat has come from or lives on Capstone Road. He is a ginger tabby and only looks around 3 years of age. We have given him a kiss and cuddle before taking him away.  Picture of the collar below that the cat was wearing.

If you live near or around that area then please share. If you believe that this cat belongs to you then please call us on 07803322297

Rest in paws heaven little darling xxxx

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