Feral mum and surprise newborns

We were sent an inbox the other day about a few feral cats that had taken up residence in a garden in Chatham.  We explained to the finder that we will help the best we can, we also asked them to set up a feeding routine so we could set up traps in a few days time for them.  The finder was very concerned about one cat especially as she was heavily pregnant and he felt that she could give birth any day, so we opted for the three day feeding routine and trap to be as quick as we could.  We also rang ahead to Cats Protection Bredhurst and explained the situation with the pregnant cat and they were happy to take her this Wednesday if we could contain her and get her there.

Unfortunately mum cat couldn’t wait any longer and we received a very panicked inbox from the finder explaining that feral mum had given birth to two in the garden and then she ran and hid in a hiding spot that they had created for the cats and gave birth to another baby.  We attended immediately to help.

One of the neighbours had taken the two born in the middle of the garden indoors to keep them warm and away from the elements.  When we arrived mum was still hiding in her little safe place, so we quickly sprung into action to get her into a cat carrier without stressing her anymore than she already was.  We then placed the baby she was cuddling in beside her along with the other two babies that the neighbour was keeping warm and safe.


Mum and babies will be going to Cats Protection Bredhurst tomorrow afternoon.  We are unsure if mum has any more babies inside her as she will not allow us to get close to her, so we have decided to give her some peace and quiet for the night to settle with her babies somewhere warm, safe with food and water nearby.  Thank you to the finders and his neighbours for helping with this little darling.  We will still be returning to contain the rest of the feral cats later on next week.

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