Ferals upon Ferals and mini ferals

We received a phone call about 6 feral cats that were residing in a garden, some had already had babies before and they were concerned as they thought two were pregnant again. So we asked them to set up a feeding routine so we could come along and set up a couple of traps so we could get them neutered. We rang around vets and booked in provisional spaces for 3 initially.

We attended and set the traps hoping to catch at least 3 cats. They were very hungry as we asked the finders not to feed on the last day, they all walked into the traps one by one. 

We transferred them all one by one to the trap transfer baskets and covered them over to minimise stress ready for neutering the next morning.

Once they were all neutered we spoke to the vet who said none were pregnant, however they believe that one may have been approximately 5 weeks ago. We returned the ferals back to the garden that they were used to, however one had to stay indoors as she had a midline spay and extra pain killers to have. We explained to the finders that there may be kittens hanging around looking for her very soon. The next day we received a phone call from the finder in a panic as she said the two young boys at the residence had heard and seen kittens, they managed to catch two but they said that they saw more running around. 

We left immediately to try and help with our cat traps and nice smelling food as they would be hungry. Unfortunately the place that they were all hiding was head height full of old sofas, wood, chairs, carpets and all sorts of rubbish that the babies could hide inside, so we couldn’t place the traps anywhere stable. 

We decided that there was no other way to get the kittens apart from using a few secret methods and hands. One by one they started coming out, some were trapped behind fence panels and some were hiding under a whole load of stuff, we had to be careful not to stand on top of where any of the kittens were hiding. Finally we caught 4 by hand and managed to hold them tight to get them into a basket. 

We would like to say a special thank you to Jack and Ben for being so vigilant in spotting the kittens and managing to contain 2 of the babies. You guys rock! 

Ben and Jack

All babies are now tucking in to some very much needed food, they all have fleas and probably worms too. We will be transporting them to Cats Protection Bredhurst tomorrow.

We would also like to say a huge thank you to all of our supporters that donated towards getting the feral cats neutered.  We still have a few colonies to get through in the Kent area, but we will get there!

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