Foster Dog Found for Newborn Kittens

We had a phone call today from a lovely lady that explained she had a box of 4 abandoned kittens around 2-3 days old. So we started on the hunt for a lactating Queen. Instead we managed to find a dog that had not long given birth to 4 puppies and was still feeding them.

We drove and picked up the kittens, 2 of which seemed lifeless and had shallow breathing and one kitten had an amazing set of lungs screaming the whole way to the fosterers. We weren’t sure how the dog would react to the newborns but we knew she loved being a mum and was a fantastic one at that.

By the time that we had arrived, the foster dogs mum had already sorted up a bed, heat mat and warm kitten milk for our arrival. So we started feeding them to help them regain some strength. After about 10 minutes of feeding and helping them go to the toilet we started to slowly introduce the kittens one by one to the dog (bearing in mind she was getting really excited in her bed waiting for them as she could hear them crying).

As soon as she saw the first one she started to clean the kitten and instantly jumped into her bed for the kitten to be placed beside her other 4 babies that she had already. One by one we took the kittens over to her and she cleaned every single one of them and lay down for them to feed. Such an amazing thing to witness and we all had tears in our eyes as we watched the kittens slowly start to move around more.

We would like to thank everyone involved including the foster dog mum for being such a gentle soul.


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