Found black cat Rainham (large cat)

Hi does anyone own this jaguar of a cat? He’s absolutely massive, I’m not sure if he’s lost or anything as he’s in good condition but he’s constantly trying to get in our catflap, he broke our previous one so have bought a microchip cat flap so he can’t get in as he was coming in and attacking my cats, he waits for our cats in the garden and attacks them still, he usually hangs around with a black and white cat with a dodgy shaped ear and they’re fine with each other, were by splashes in rainham, danson way/Dorset square area of rainham.


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  1. We have lost a cat fitting this description .He was last seen around 18th December and often goes walkabout though usually for no more than a week.
    He had a collar multi coloured with a bell but again he often came home without it. It certainly Looks like Tom and the size fits.

  2. Don’t apologise, that’s what we are here for. I have asked the finder if we could chip check this cat. But because the cat comes then goes I don’t think she has managed to contain the cat yet as it does not seem friendly at all. The cat is very scared and does not come close enough for anyone to be able to catch and contain. I will keep you update as much as possible. X

  3. Sounds even more Like Tom, he is very wary of other people especially men. He would if it was Tom come to me but that would be hit and miss as he may not be there when I get there. Tom dinner usually gets a response from him.
    Thank you for keeping me informed .If you do get him my number is 07784395876. I would know him instantly and the photo although not brilliant
    looks like him.

    Kind regards Rob

  4. I have left a message for the original finder. On Facebook it is on medway/swale lost and found animals group. I have linked to this page so she can get in touch with you x

  5. Hello,

    We’ve had this cat come into our garden for a good 6 months possibly even more, have you a picture of tom? He runs a mile even if we go to the back door, he’ll eat what we put down but when we try to go near he runs away so unable to catch him, he was last seen 2 days ago in our garden. if we see him I’ll text you my address to come see, he’s very very large.

  6. Thanks for that yes Tom is a very large cat and has been going walkabout for longer than that.He usually comes back for two or three days then off he goes again. In the past the most he went missing for was a week,this time he went out on 18th December and has not returned. Have you noticed a collar at all.The only photo’s I have of him are as a kitten which will not help.Tom is very large. We have Toms daughter and she is a dead ringer but half the size.
    I really hope this is Tom.

    Kind regards Rob

      • Thanks for looking out.It’s now 1 month since Tom was last seen and I refuse give up on him. I have driven round Danson way and the surrounding area several times but have had no luck and since I have heard no news from yourself I assume he has moved on but I will continue to search .But please even if you think you might have seen him again let me know .
        Kind regards Rob

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