Getting Nibbler Home

We were tagged on a facebook post this evening as a family had found a dog wandering around in Gillingham.  The dog warden was not in operation at this time, so we were called out.  We checked this lovely boy for a chip, and he was chipped!

We rang the appropriate microchip company and received his details over the telephone. His name is Nibbler and he didn’t live too far away.  We rang both phone numbers on the chip and they were both unobtainable and put us through to dead tones.  Our next protocol was to try the address.  One of the finders wanted to come with us in case he didn’t get home as they wanted to keep him overnight for the dog warden in the morning.

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After knocking on a door with no lights switched on, the owner finally came to the door and looked surprised.  They didn’t realise the dog had escaped and explained the dog must have followed one of their daughters out earlier that evening.  They were over the moon that he was safe.  A special thanks to the finders of the dog for keeping him safe and allowing us to come into their home to check Nibbler for a microchip.  Owner advised to update the telephone numbers on the microchip.

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