Lost Tabby & White Cat

One of our very much loved cats is missing and was last seen by us on Wednesday, 10th May. She doesn’t usually wander too far, patrolling the field or the woods opposite the house, normally spending most of her day asleep indoors. However, she is very friendly and inquisitive and will venture into opened cupboards, sheds, garages, cars, vans, etc.

We have scoured the lane to no avail, to check that she has not been run over or injured by passing traffic. Our only hope is that she may have been inadvertently shut in somewhere and we would very much appreciate you checking any outbuildings that you have, to make sure that she hasn’t been trapped inside.

She is microchipped and neutered. If you think that you have seen her or know what may have happened to her, please let us know via email: susan@jbday.co.uk or by telephone: 01233 820198.

Many thanks,
John & Susan Day,
Journeys End,
Brissenden Green Lane,
Bethersden, TN26 3JX

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