Spaniel Type Puppy Found ***Rehomed

This little lady was thrown into our field today, she is a spaniel type and only about 8 weeks old, if she is yours please contact us with proof of ownership, we already have plenty of people that will re home her, but we just need to check she is not missing or stolen, please contact us on 01795 842466

Point of contact: Jasmil Rehoming

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8 Replies to “Spaniel Type Puppy Found ***Rehomed”

  1. There is a facebook page called help find Lucy, a young springer only about 11 weeks old that was stolen from Kent! Please check it out!!

    • We have checked and unfortunately Lucy is brown with white spots and was around 12 weeks old when she went missing. We have checked and more than double checked and it’s not Lucy.

  2. I’d dearly give her a loving home I love my animals and have a king Charles cavalier I’m in longley road rainham only round the corner I give her plenty of love as I idolise my fogs

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