Woody Goes Home

We were contacted through our facebook page yesterday as a cat had been hanging around for a very long time. He did not look lost whatsoever, but would not leave.  We arrived and checked him for a chip, and he was chipped. He is a Bengal cat called Woody and had been missing since September last year!

The family had initially stopped him from entering their property, but he was very persistent so they gave in.  Woody had Christmas dinner with the family and they had rang around a few authorities to see what they could do with him.  Eventually they found us.12650218_10153512141283191_327036918_n

Such a happy, friendly boy. We rang up the microchip database and managed to get his owners details.  We rang them immediately explaining who were were and that we had Woody. They were so surprised to hear anything about their cat as they feared the worst had happened to him as he was gone for so long.  This morning we picked him up from the finder (who was very teary to say goodbye to him), and took him home to his family.  When he saw his mum he meowed really loudly and started getting a little excited in the cat basket.  When we left them they were still in shock that he was home, but over the moon.  He is booked into the vets tomorrow for a full MOT.


Another happy ending!  Never give up hope!


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