Zion Goes Home

Tonight has been a little bit stressful and a lot of brain power and leg power was needed. We were tagged on a post (on facebook) tonight to go out and check a chip on a very thin cat. A lovely lady called Trudy was concerned about this boy as he looked painfully thin and wanted to find his owner.



We checked the cat for a chip, however no chip. We checked him over and noticed he was neutered and took note of his distinguishing features.  We did not think we would be able to find his owner tonight, how we were wrong.  We then transported him to a safe house with Anim-Mates Rescue for the night, or until we found his owners as he was in desperate need of some food, warmth and some TLC.  Here he is at the safe house with a lovely lady called Angie.

zion goes home, reunited cat kent,

We then were inundated with calls, texts and messages with people from the surrounding area that have also lost their cat. We sat in our car for around an hour trying to match this boy up with all of the photos we were sent.  Finally a breakthrough and were were given a mobile number to ring from a woman called Colette that knew of a woman that had lost her cat on Christmas day with a description match.  We rang the number and asked this woman to give us as many details as she possibly could remember, which she did. It was a match!

So we drove back to the safe house to collect him and take him home.  We learned his name is Zion, he wasn’t chipped and needed a special diet that he was given from the vets, hence why he was so thin bless his heart.

Zion was then reunited to his owner and he walked around the house like he had never left at all. Stay safe Zion. Owner is taking him straight to the vets on Monday and getting him checked over and chipped.  What a stressful evening, but worth every minute when you get to see this.

cat reunited kent

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  1. So happy for this cat and owners we have quite a few cats that come and go through our garden and I always wonder about them now leave out food and water and a kennel for any that pass through just in case

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