Getting Charles Home

We were tagged on a post on facebook about a cat that had been found deceased on Glenwood Close in Chatham.  We attended and check the cat for a chip, he was chipped.  We then proceeded to ring the mobile number that was registered on the database, but received no answer, so we sent a text message and proceeded to go to the last known address on the chip.

As we were driving to the address we received a phone call from the owner, we explained why we were trying to get in touch and what had happened and asked her if she would like us to bring Charles home, which she did.  Our hearts were thumping as we could hear her voice breaking over the phone as she was so upset about hearing the news.  She explained that she wouldn’t be home for another half an hour or so, but we explained that we would wait for her.  Charles hadn’t been missing for very long at all and his brother will be given the chance to say his own goodbyes tonight.

We would like to thank everyone involved in helping us get Charles home.  For reporting what had happened, to tagging us on facebook and the care and attention the finder took to keep Charles safe until we arrived.

Rest in paws heaven little dude xxxxxxxxx

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6 Replies to “Getting Charles Home”

  1. Aaaaawwwwww poor baby R.I.P charlie , but this is why we need you because without you there would be no dignity for poor passed baby rotting on roadside and no closure for human missing them x

  2. Very sad for Charles and totally the right thing to take him home so his family and especially his brother could say goodbye.

    This is a very special group because we see the whole story, whether it is good news or sad news. Well done to the whole team, we never know if could be our own animals in the future, so we are extremely grateful for all the time and effort. Xxx

  3. This was my daughters cat she still has his brother at home, the same self thing happened many years ago 17 years ago when she was 13 years old ,all she ever wanted was 2 kittens ( mulder & scully, unfortunately sculley was also killed about the same age as poor Charles, we went on to keep mulder ( who looks identical to the cat she has been left with ) until he was 17 years old and very much loved, I know not everybody likes cats but believe me the brother left at home will loved very much!!

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