Ginger cat found Deceased – Rainham

We were called our earlier this evening to Silverspot Close in Rainham.  Someone had found a deceased ginger cat behind some houses.  We checked the cat for a chip but there was no chip.  The cat had no collar on either,  so we took the cat to Vets Now in Gillingham.  Upon further investigation we found that the cat had been there for quite some time and the decomposition of the cat made it very hard to establish the sex or age.  Judging from the size of the cat and the shape of the rear end of the animal we are saying he is male.

If you have lost a cat around this area then please get in touch with Vets Now.  However,  we will explain that the decomposition of the cat was so advanced that the cat will not be viewable to the public.  The vets have also discussed this in detail and explained that it would not be beneficial for the cat to go to cold storage.  There are reasons for this but we won’t go into great detail as it’s very upsetting for some.

Rest In Paws Heaven little one

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