Lost cat reunited amazingly quick!!

Review for Homed cat

This is a big thank you to Natasha and Dee for the good work you do. We found a little cat in our garden crying pitifully we saw it was in distress. We took her in, fed her and gave her love. She looked well cared for and was very affectionate. We got in touch with Animals Lost and found in Kent. Within a hour Natasha and Dee were at our home. The little cat had no chip ( a lesson to be learned) However within 2 hours they had found her family. This cat named Bella is now with her family. Thank you Natasha and Dee without you it would not have been this happy outcome for Bella. A big PS This little cat had walked over 2 miles to get to us, how many people had ignored her, how many roads had she crossed, she was starving in everything we take for granted, love, safety and food. The travel took her 2 weeks. Best wishes Anne Jukka and grandson Teijo, who loved her. Thank you for all you do for Lost and Found Pets.

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