Skills and Services

Skills and Services

Hand Rearing:

We have successfully hand-reared many kittens and puppies through Animals Lost and found in Kent. We also have an icu/brooder machine to keep the babies at the right temperature and the right humidity. We only use the best formula to feed the babies in our care. We will only hand rear puppies and kittens that are signed over to us.

First Aid:

We hold human first aid and animal first aid certificates so we can provide first aid when needed in emergencies. One of our animal welfare officers is a qualified veterinary nurse assistant.

Pregnancy Scanning:

We at Animals Lost and found in Kent are qualified to perform pregnancy scans on the animals in our care. We also do pregnancy scans for other rescues in emergencies. We don’t do pregnancy scans for members of the public anymore. For pregnancy scanning we have been trained and signed off by a qualified veterinarian to gain this qualification.

Pet Bereavement and Counselling:

We hold qualifications for people whom have lost their pets and can help them with the grieving process.

Trapping Ferals:

Normally trapping is called TNR (Trap, Neuter, Release) of which we do a lot of, however we do TNCR which is trap, neuter, chip and release. We microchip every feral cat that we neuter incase they ever are involved in an RTA or they decide they want to live with a caregiver. We only use humane safe and sturdy traps that don’t hurt the feral cats and we do not leave them in cages or baskets for a prolonged period of time so we can minimise stress.


We hold insurances for everything that we do. When we attend an alive or deceased animal we hold insurances for many things including pet taxi, public liability, pet walking, pet minding, microchipping and pregnancy scanning.

Deceased Animals:

We have a license to store deceased animals at ALFIK HQ.

ICO registration:

We are ICO registered, this means we can data share with other ICO registered people and organisations such as the police, councils etc. We take data protection very seriously and can assure members of the public that their data is handled professionally.


We are all DBS checked and this is updated regularly to ensure all of our animal welfare officers are safe for members of the public and free of any convictions.


A few of our animal welfare officers have been through courses to implant microchips, we will only use medical-grade glass microchips to implant into your pet and we will only use a UK approved microchip database to register the microchips.

Microchip Checking:

We provide a microchip checking service free of charge to members of the public in Kent.  All of our animal welfare officers have high grade microchip scanners with a large read range so we can find a microchip in an animal easily.  We also have access to all UK approved microchip databases so we can access microchip details when scanned, this is to aid us in the reunification process.


We do on occasion help wildlife. We have contacts with rescues such as The Fox Project and Medway Hedgehog Rescue amongst others. If we are asked to handle a wild animal we will always seek a professionals help in regards to the animal and will help the animal under their guidance.


We have certificates on animal nutrition so we can make sure the animals in our care are given the right diet to suit their needs.


We also hold canine and feline behaviour and psychology certificates, this is to ensure that we can assess the dogs and cats that we come across and help with the rehabilitation process.

SIA and Personal License:

One of our animal welfare officers holds an SIA licence and handcuff license, this is to ensure that at events we can provide members of the public with the relevant security. One of our animal welfare officers holds a personal licence, this is also to ensure public safety at events where alcohol is sold.

Housing Animals:

At Animals Lost and found in Kent HQ we have 4 cat pens, these are inside an outdoor lodge (Lorcans Lodge). We have security cameras and the correct heating system to ensure the cats that are in the lodge are comfortable and warm. One part of our security system alerts us if the temperature is too warm or not warm enough so we can adjust to suit. We have security cameras on all of the cats in our care 24/7. The lodge and its contents are locked up and secured day and night.

Veterinary Treatment:

We use a few vets around Kent and will always seek veterinary treatment for the animals in our care if a problem should arise. Our protocol is to make sure every cat that comes into our care is flead and wormed as soon as they arrive. Every cat and dog is chip checked twice to ensure the animal isn’t chipped.

Rehoming Animals:

We do not re-home lots of animals from ALFIK HQ.  The animals we do re-home are the hard to re-home cases such as the elderly or disabled, this is to maximise the chances of an animals survival.

These are only a few of our skills and services.  All qualifications and certificates including insurance can be provided upon request.

We give and accept hugs wherever needed 😍