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Kent Online – Cat Shave Attacks Across Kent

Metro – Bob The Cat gets an ASBO award

Kent Online – Dog found scared behind Garages

Kent Online – Cat Reunited After 3 Years Missing

Kent Online – Schoolgirl reunited with cat after 10 years

Kent Online – Cats Mutilated in Rochester

Kent Online – Rabbit Dumped in bag full of bricks

Kent Online – Slingshot Cat Killer

The Scotsman – The Cat Bill

Kent Online – Cat Mutilation Rochester

Man tries to abduct cat in Orpington

Dog Attacks Cat – Loose dog attacks cat in Gravesend

Cat Bill – Thugs who run over cats and leave them to die could get fined and be forced to get moggs back to heart-broken owners

Dead Dog Found – Dead dog found in New Hall Farm Lane Lower Stoke

Disabled Puppy Floyd – Disabled puppy rehabilitated by Animals Lost and found in Kent Ltd needs surgery.

Rehman Chishti – Cat Bill being spoken about in Parliament – Cat Bill Submitted to Parliament with Rehman Chishti

Kent Online – Published 22/9/2018 – Mutilated cat Woodlands Road Gillingham

Kent Online -Published 18/7/2018 – Dead dog set on fire in Chatham

Kent Online Published 1/7/2018 – Snake Found Gillingham

Kent Online Published 29/6/2018 – cat mutilated in Chatham

Kent Online Published 3/6/2018 – Ted the missing dog found.

Kent Online – Published 9/5/2018 – Two cats and fox cub mutilated in Kent

Kent Online – Published 3/5/2018 – Find Ted the missing Pomeranian.

Kent Online – Published 11/12/2017 Pride of Medway Nomination

Kent Online – Published 3/11/2017 Mutilated Cat, Sittingbourne

Kent Online – Published 27/10/2017 Mutilated cats

Kent Online – Published 22/10/2017 M25 Cat Killer Chatham

ITV News – Published 19/10/2017 – Pride Of Britain Nominee

Kent Online – Published 15/10/2017 Cat found under bonnet

Kent Online – Published 6/10/2017 Sittingbourne Steven KFC Cat

Kent Online Published 7/09/2017 Maidstone Mutilation

Kent Online – Published 17/04/2017 M25 Cat Killer

Kent Online – Published 29/03/2017 Two Dumped Horses

Kent Online – Published 13/04/2017 Milan, Kelly-Ann