What to do if you have lost your dog


We strive to reunite lost dogs with their owners

Lost dog Kent

Tips for finding a lost dog: L

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Lost dog kent, missing dog kent

  • Walk around the area your dog went missing from with a lead, some treats and maybe your dog’s favourite toy, blanket or teddy. The scents of all these things may help bring your lost dog back to you.
  • Contact your local services including:
  • Vets (search here for vets near to you)
  • Your dogs microchip company (make sure your details are up to date)
  • Rehoming centres (search here)
  • Local animal warden (search here)
  • Keep your mobile phone with you at all times in case someone finds your dog and tries to contact you.
  • Contact your local radio station and newspaper and ask them to put out a message for you.
  • If your dog was wearing their collar/tag displaying your telephone numbers, make sure that if anyone rings these numbers someone is available to answer them.
  • Search the area immediately, leaving the description of your missing dog and your contact details with as many people as possible. Remember to speak to any postmen, or other service personnel that cover a wide area.
  • Place missing dog posters everywhere you can. Local shops, vets, lamp posts, restaurants, supermarkets. You may require consent from your Local Authority first to display Lost Pet posters on lamp posts.
  • Visit other lost and found pet websites, and register your missing dog with as many as possible.
  • Give your neighbours a knock, ask them to check in their garden and shed.
  • Speak to other dog walkers in the area
  • Check all empty properties in the local area.
  • Check all flats nearby and in your local area
  • Check warehouses nearby and also check multi storey car parks.
  • Ask children playing in the local area if they have seen a dog matching your dogs description, children see more than we do.
  • Remember some dogs when running loose are very disorientated and may not come when called, don’t chase them, instead kneel down and say a command that your dog knows.  Always take a lead with you so you can secure your dog once contained.

Lost dog kent

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