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We were alerted to a deceased cat found down an alleyway this morning by a dog walker.  We attended and checked the cats injuries and also checked for a chip.  Unfortunately the cat wasn’t chipped, the cat was very large and black all over, he/she had feral type fur and it was apparent that the […]
We received a report of a deceased animal along Bluebell Hill, Kent (A229). One of our volunteers attended and collected the animal. Once our volunteer managed to get somewhere safe she wasn’t sure what she was looking at, so we attended to inspect further. Upon further inspection this animal was a fox. Unfortunately there were […]
We were alerted to a deceased cat in Rochester yesterday. Upon receiving evidence of the deceased cat were are able to see that this cat didn’t die of natural causes, an RTA or animal attack. This poor baby had been cut in such a way that only a very sharp blade or instrument could have […]
We were alerted to a deceased cat this morning along Maidstone Road in Rochester.  We attended as soon as we could.  It became quickly apparent that this cat did not die from an RTA, animal attack or an accident.  We then took the cat to our vet who confirmed our suspicions about what had happened […]
We received a report about a deceased cat not far from Pier Road in Gillingham this morning.  We attended and surveyed the scene.  It became quickly apparent that this cat was not involved in an RTA or predated on, unfortunately this cat had been killed by a human.  We quickly secured the scene and contacted […]

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