Fox Mutilation *Warning Distressing Content*

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We received a report of a deceased animal along Bluebell Hill, Kent (A229). One of our volunteers attended and collected the animal. Once our volunteer managed to get somewhere safe she wasn’t sure what she was looking at, so we attended to inspect further.

Upon further inspection this animal was a fox. Unfortunately there were no bones, blood, innards or body to be seen anywhere, all that was left was the skin and fur of a fox. The skin and fur looks as though it has been washed and gives off the odor of a wet dog and not a fox.

After speaking to our vet they have confirmed that this fox has been skinned from the neck, shoulders, legs right down to the tail. This is a barbaric act on a fox and unnecessary.

All relevant authorities have been informed.

Sleep tight little fox face.


If you see someone acting suspiciously or come across something similar, please call 101 and report to Kent Police immediately.

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