Getting Elvis/Jay Home

We received a phone call about a deceased cat that was found along second avenue in a lovely ladies garden. We attended as soon as we could and chip checked the cat. Upon initial inspection the cat looked very old and frail. He was chipped and his name was Jay. It stated that he had been missing since 2016 on the chip so we thought we would ring the first phone number on the chip.

A lovely young lady answered the phone and we prepared ourselves to give her the bad news. She was upset and explained that his name was now Elvis and that years ago he moved in with a lovely couple on First Avenue in Gillingham as she had moved away and they had adopted him as he didn’t like her mums dogs. She couldn’t remember exactly which house so off we went door knocking.

Thankfully we found the house she had described over the phone and knocked, an elderly gentleman came to the door and we explained why we were there and what had happened. He was ever so grateful to be able to say goodbye to his friend Elvis as he had been missing for a few days and they had been calling him.

Elvis was a 15 year old boy and had been under veterinary care. We didn’t see any outward signs of trauma, so we believe he died of natural causes.

Rest in paws heaven little darling Elvis xxxxxx


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