A Christmas Miracle – Cat Reunited After 6 Years Missing

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It’s Christmas Eve and when everyone is gearing up for the big Christmas day a lovely lady called Lisa Jones came across a very skinny cat outside her home in Gillingham.  The cat was so thin you could feel all his bones, he was matted really badly, so Lisa scooped him up in her arms and rushed him indoors.  Lisa then gave him a bath, some food and cradled him in her arms.


Both of her children were so excited to have a house guest and even pondered on names to name this new guest.

Lisa was extremely worried and wanted to make sure the cat wasn’t owned and contacted us for a chip check.  We attended and was not expecting this little cat to be chipped at all.  We looked into his eyes and could see he was an old cat, waved the scanner over and he was chipped!  His name is Tabs and it stated that he had been missing from an address in Gillingham for 6 years!

We rang the phone number on the chip and the woman that answered was in such shock, she went on to explain that he had gone missing before they moved house, she placed up flyers on lamposts and through doors and registered his microchip as missing, she had given up all hope that he would be found.


Tab’s Christmas Poem

Twas the night before Christmas, and out in the street, Lisa saw a cat, who had dirty feet.

She scooped him right up, with love and great care, and dunked him in water and washed down his hair.

As she was drying him she thought oh heck! Who’d come out now for a chip check?

She reached out to that Nanny, I think its McPhee? Who came out quite quickly along with that Dee…

The scanner went over and then it went ‘beep’, and Lisa was shocked as no cat would she keep. (she thought the cat was a girl and was calling her Lilly, the scanner went beep but she didn’t feel silly)

Tash rang the keeper who said Tabs had gone missing, since 2013, she’d been reminiscing.

She sent hubby John up into the attic, to get the cat box which had remained somewhat static.

They’re on their way now all the way from Sheerness, to collect dear Tabs now, he’s in a bit of a mess.

At the end of the day when all’s said and done, the power of the chip is second to none.

Merry Christmas to one and to all, Tabs will go home for his own Christmas ball 🙂



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