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We received a message from a local vet about a cat that was being fed for some time on the streets but needed urgent veterinary treatment. The finder had taken the cat to the vet and asked if the vet could help him to cross rainbow bridge but the vet wasn’t happy with that. The […]
We received a call from one of our long standing group members Maria this afternoon. She saw a dog running down the road on Church Street towards the Strand in Gillingham and described the dog as a tiny Yorkshire terrier. We left immediately to help locate the dog. Luckily a man had stopped and picked […]
We were out last night looking for a lost dog in Rainham when a post was placed up in our facebook group about a cat that was seen in Kate Walker and Megan’s garden for months on end, he suddenly walked in to their house with what looked like an abcess on his face. One […]
A post went up on our facebook group about a cat that was found in someone’s garden, the cat refused to leave the garden so the finders decided to build a shelter for the cat. We advised a paper collar on the cat but we all soon realised the cat wasn’t going anywhere. The finders […]
We had a post go up on our facebook group about a cat that had been hanging around a womans home in Tunbridge Wells for some time. This cat started slowly trying to make his way in to this womans home and she decided it was about time to see if anyone could help. One […]
We will start this story at the beginning… ….. A lovely lady spotted a very poorly cat in her garden in Chatham and called on us for help. The lady managed to contain the cat so one of our volunteers could attend to bring him to HQ. Once he was here we chip checked him […]
We received a report a few days ago about a cat hanging around on Grange Road in Gillingham. A lovely lady called Christine had seen the cat and had started to give the cat some food but the cat was most definitely not approachable. A couple of people reported their cats were missing from this […]
We had a lovely lady turn up on our doorstep with a cat in a basket desperately asking for help for a cat that seemed unwell and very unkempt. She gave us a little back story of this cat that had been hanging around a chip shop in Chatham getting scraps and sleeping under some […]
We received a report on a facebook group about a deceased cat that was seen along Otterham Quay Lane in Rainham last night around 11pm.  We attended as soon as we could and checked the cat for a chip, he was chipped and his name was Bluey, a gorgeous 4 year old cat.  It was […]
We were asked by a lovely couple who live on Woodlands Road in Gillingham if we could help with a very large black stray cat that had been visiting them for some time, they explained that the cat had been getting into a lot of fights in the local area, but not necessarily winning these […]

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