Cat Dumped in Cat Carrier Salisbury Road Chatham – Now Safe

We received a private message and a report about a cat that was seen along Salisbury Road in Chatham inside a cat carrier.



A lovely lady called Maxine had reported the cat initially but she had no way of helping the cat so reported her finding straight away.  We were then inundated with comments of members of the public getting ready to leave and help the cat and to see if the cat was alive.  Thankfully a wonderful lady called Georgina Cox and her husband saw the cat and picked up the basket and took straight to the vets.  Georgina’s friend Laura Burnsy kept us up to date as much as she could.

Georgina took the cat straight to the vets where he was checked over by the vet, unfortunately he isn’t chipped or neutered and had a poorly eye, so she took him home in the hope that she could find him somewhere safe to go.  Eventually Georgina managed to find some spare time to give us a call and we explained we could help with transportation to get the cat somewhere safe to go where he would get the veterinary care he needs.  So we attended to collect as soon as we could.

The cat was petrified and flinching with every movement or touch so was clearly traumatised by everything that had happened.  We aren’t sure why he was left where he was but it would be nice to know his real name and what he likes to eat.

We then transported the cat to Cats Protection Bredhurst where he will receive the care he needs.  If you do have any information of the history of this cat then please either speak to us privately or get in touch with Cats Protection Bredhurst as soon as possible.

This baby has a very long road to recovery so he will not be placed up for rehoming by the centre and no names will be placed down for him for the time being.

We would like to thank everyone that was involved in helping this little lad get safe.  Safe now little darling xxx

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