Deceased Black and White Female Cat Found Arden Street Gillingham

We received a couple of reports about a deceased cat that was seen along Arden Street in Gillingham. We attended as soon as we could to check the little baby for a chip.

Thankfully a lovely gentlemen called Joshua had picked the baby up and wrapped her in towels inside a box to keep her safe until we got there.

We checked her for a chip, unfortunately she isn’t chipped and wasn’t wearing a collar. She is black all over apart from some white on her chest, two small white socks on her front paws and two large white socks on the back paws.

She appears to have had babies some time ago as her nipples are very long and she doesn’t have any milk in them. It looks as though she’s had a few litters and she is very thin. She only looks like she’s around 1-2 years old. She is safe with us at ALFIK and we will continue to search for her owners.

Rest in paws heaven little darling.


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