Getting Mink Safe

We received a call this morning from South East Coast Ambulance Service. They had attended a property where a man had passed away. Unfortunately the man had been deceased for a few days and he had a little cat with no family to take the cat on.

We attended as soon as we could to collect the little baby. Unfortunately the cat was huddled in to her dad’s jumper and was very protective over it so it took a lot of patience to encourage her away from it. She is a very old and very skinny Siamese cat. She has what looks like nystagmus in her eyes and they are quite gunky. She is now under our care.

Please make sure your animals have somewhere to go once you pass, even if you delegate a friend to help. This baby is now very confused and depressed but we will try our best to help her.

Cat Rescue Kent, Siamese cat,

I hope the man that passed is now at peace.

We would like to thank the South East Coast Ambulance Service for all of their help.


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