Deceased Black and White Male cat found Saunders Street Gillingham

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We received a phone call from a local business along St George’s Road in Gillingham.  They had stumbled upon a deceased cat in their yard which back on to Saunders Street in Gillingham.  They weren’t sure what to do so called a local vet who then passed them to us.

We attended within half an hour and checked the cat for a chip, unfortunately the cat isn’t chipped.

The cat is male and he is neutered, he was wearing a gold coloured fabric type collar.  He was mainly black with four white socks, some white on his nose, white bib and a white tummy.  He looked around 5-7 years old and looked like he has been loved and well fed.  We believe he has only been there overnight.

We will keep him safe with us and continue to try and find his owners.

Rest in paws heaven little one xxxx


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