Deceased Black Male Cat Found – Wilberforce Way in Gravesend

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We received a phone call from a veterinary surgery in Gravesend, they explained that a member of the public had called them about a deceased black cat laying in the middle of the road along Wilberforce Way in Gravesend and the surgery had no one to attend or help, we explained we could leave straight away to chip check and collect.

When we attended we couldn’t initially see the deceased cat anywhere, but upon further driving up and down the road we spotted the little baby on the path, thankfully someone had moved the cat off the road.

We checked for a chip, unfortunately the cat wasn’t chipped.  The cat was male, not neutered and wasn’t wearing any collar or id of any kind.  The cat is all black and looked approximately 5-7 years old.  We have given him a cuddle goodnight and will keep him safe whilst we continue to try and find his owners.

Rest in paws heaven little darling xxxx

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