Deceased Black Female Cat Found Otway Street Chatham

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We were attending a deceased cat this evening to check for a chip, we were driving up Otway Street in Chatham when we came across a deceased cat at the side of the road. We stopped and checked for a chip, unfortunately no chip was located and the cat wasn’t wearing a collar or any id tag. The cat had clearly been involved in an RTA and placed in a bundle at the side of the road beside a small box on the corner of Herman Terrace in Chatham. We picked the cat up, gave her a cuddle and kiss before placing her safely in our vehicle to carry on to our next case.

This baby looked around 1 year old and was black all over with yellow eyes.

If you are missing a cat from this area matching the description of this cat then please get in touch.

Rest in paws heaven little darling girl xxxx

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