Getting Tuppence Home

We received a report a few days ago about a cat hanging around on Grange Road in Gillingham. A lovely lady called Christine had seen the cat and had started to give the cat some food but the cat was most definitely not approachable. A couple of people reported their cats were missing from this area also.

We offered our trap and took it down for her this evening. As soon as we came back home we received a call from Christine to say the cat had been trapped. We ran down with our trap transfer basket to see a very grumpy cat growling at us.

Once we were back at HQ in a confined space we managed to chip check the cat, she was chipped and her name is Tuppence.

Tuppence has been missing since the 3rd of September and was still close by on the same road.

Her owners are over the moon to have her home 😍

Stay safe Tuppence. A massive thank you to Christine for all of your help with this little girl.


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