Gillingham Abandoned Cat Rescued

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We received a few tags on a local newspaper Facebook page about a cat that had been abandoned in a house in Gillingham:

Neighbours call for abandoned cat in Gillingham to be rescued

We commented on their page explaining that we could help with a trap and we were at their disposal. Within an hour we received a call from a very worried member of staff from medway council. They explained that they have tried every avenue to help the cat, other medway council members of staff had also bought food from their own wages to help feed the cat also. Unfortunately no one but a specialist team could enter the property for various reasons due to safety. The local authority had tried ringing around as many places as they could find to help but ended up back where they started every time.

We explained we had a trap they could borrow to place food inside and place the trap inside the property, trap the cat and we would make a space for the cat to come to ALFIK HQ. Within an hour a member of staff turned up, had taken the trap to the property and we all waited for good news that the cat had gone in.

This morning we received a call that the cat had indeed gone in to the trap and true to their word the staff members brought the cat to us. She is a beautiful tortie, very frail and not at all happy at the moment as all she’s probably ever known was her home.

Cat Rescue, cat saved, cat rescue Kent, cat Kent,

This little lady isn’t chipped, she only looks around 3-4 years old and is very wary of us at the moment and unstable on her feet through being so malnourished. I’m sure through time we can build up trust with her.

We would like to say a massive thank you to Medway council and everyone involved in doing their very best for this girl, the neighbours included. Thank you to all that invested time and their own money and efforts to help her. We will do our very best to keep her safe and get her back to full health.

On a side note, if you are her owner and you had to move for whatever reason, could you please get in touch with us, even if it’s to let us know what her name is, what she likes and doesn’t like as this will help us with her rehabilitation so much. There will be no judgement from us at all, our main focus is her health, welfare and well being. Thank you. ❤️


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