Cat Reunited After 15 Years!

We received a message from a local vet about a cat that was being fed for some time on the streets but needed urgent veterinary treatment. The finder had taken the cat to the vet and asked if the vet could help him to cross rainbow bridge but the vet wasn’t happy with that. The cat is 18 years old. The vet chip checked the cat, rang all the phone numbers and went door knocking to locate the owner. They were unsuccessful so reached out to us to see if we could take the care of the cat over.

We agreed and asked for the chip number. After a lot of digging around in history we finally managed to locate the owner. This boy TJ has been missing for 15 years!!!

The owner and her mum were in complete shock, she raced over to see him at the vets and has okayed the vet to try their best to help his sores and dehydration. TJ went missing when he was only 2 years old. This is TJ before he went missing from home.

And TJ the elderly distinguished gentleman now:

TJ is such a lucky baby. The vet is trying everything to get him back to full health.

Please don’t ever give up hope. Miracles do happen ❤️



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