Animal Mutilations – UK Cat Killer

Warning, this page contains distressing content!

UK Cat Killer

We sometimes come across very strange and horrible encounters in doing what we do.  Below is a map of animals that we have personally dealt with that have been mutilated.  All victims have been reported to the police.  We are outlining where these attacks are happening to help people keep their animals safer and to be more vigilant to things that are happening around them.  We believe these are linked to the UK Cat Killer. All cases have been reported to the relevant authorities.

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Below are some of the stories that coincide with the toggles on the map. We will warn you that these stories will cause some distress.




Here are a few of our tips on how to keep your cat safe – Keeping your cat safe!


All cases have been reported to Kent Police and the Metropolitan police. Working together to keep our animals safe.


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