A Promise Is A Promise

This story may take a little while to write as we are writing this with heavy hearts this evening.  I will take you back to 2018 when we received a private message to say there was an elderly man giving away free kittens and he had a sign on his door saying ‘Free kittens, bring basket’.  After numerous attempts to get a hold of the occupant we finally managed.  We explained who we were and that we would help with neutering of the adults as we felt this lovely man was struggling to cope with the amount of kittens that were being born.  We neutered the mum and tried to take the babies to help, however the man wanted to keep one of the babies.  The baby he wanted to keep looked just like mum, so we explained that she too will come in to call and end up pregnant so to give us a call when she was around 14 weeks of age.

After a few months went by we get another private message to say that the same sign was back up at the address, so again we went to go and help him.  We took the babies and the mum and got her neutered and chipped, we named her Maria BP.

The man (Roger) was really stressed and worried that we wouldn’t bring her back, but we promised him she was in good hands and we would bring her back.  He wasn’t home when we were going to take her back so he set the cat flap to in only so we could place our cat basket against the cat flap so she could go home.  Roger loved these cats and was always worried when we took them but we always promised him we would help wherever he needed it, he just needed to give us a call.

Fast forward to the middle of last week.  We get a WhatsApp message about some cats that were left behind by an elderly man that passed away and that another elderly man was walking up every day to feed these cats as he made a promise to help the cats in any which way he could.  The penny didn’t drop until the day we went to go and trap them.  We asked the young lady if the man lived at a specific address and she said yes.  Our hearts dropped as we knew what cats they were and who the man was, we had no idea.  So tonight we went and set up our trap hoping that we would be able to catch them.  We managed to catch one of the girls, however there is one more to catch.  Meet Maria BP.s Mumma (Mamacita)

Because these babies are semi-feral and always have been as they only used Roger as somewhere to hide and eat we have had to source somewhere for them to go that will suit their needs.  We would like to extend our warm thanks to RSPCA in Canterbury for their amazing offer to take this little darling and find her somewhere that she will be happy, safe, warm and fed.

To Roger, we told you a promise is a promise.  We sincerely hope you rest in peace.


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