Cat Reunited After 4 Years Missing

We will start this story at the beginning…

….. A lovely lady spotted a very poorly cat in her garden in Chatham and called on us for help. The lady managed to contain the cat so one of our volunteers could attend to bring him to HQ. Once he was here we chip checked him and checked him over, he was so thin, dehydrated and frail he couldn’t lift his head up. Instantly we gave him some sub contanious fluids to give him a boost and sat with him a while. Slowly he regained some strength and wanted to eat and drink, he was still not strong enough to do so although he tried.

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We got him booked in to our vets for a blood test and 48 hour fluids, they found that he had a thyroid issue so they started thyroid medication straight away. The vet then did another blood test after the 48 hours and said his kidneys were so much better and that the thyroid medication was working. He was also eating independently and drinking! He was then discharged in to our care.

In the background we were receiving lots of messages of cats similar to this baby (whom we named Important, because he is as all animals are) but none were a match apart from two. One lady we face timed as she was in isolation at the time then she came to see him when her isolation was over, he wasn’t her baby. Another lady lived in Essex and was certain he was her cat Spooky who went missing in 2016. The photos she sent were a perfect match.

Spooky we all believe was stolen and dumped by a disgruntled neighbour back in 2016.

Today Nancy came to meet with this baby and he is her cat Spooky who went missing all those years ago!

We are over the moon for Spooky and Nancy. Spooky will now stay an indoor cat from now on.

Stay safe little man. 😍😍😍😍

Merry Christmas Nancy ❤️❤️


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