Cat Reunited After 5 Years Missing!

We were asked by a lovely couple who live on Woodlands Road in Gillingham if we could help with a very large black stray cat that had been visiting them for some time, they explained that the cat had been getting into a lot of fights in the local area, but not necessarily winning these fights with the other cats which resulted in him having a lot of new and old battle scars.  We attended and checked for a chip, but no chip was found, he was also sporting a very large pair of danglers as he had clearly not been neutered.  We brought him back to HQ, cleaned him up, placed some much needed flea and worm treatment on him, took his photo and placed him as found on our facebook group.

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After 3 days of brushing him and gaining his confidence he started menowing at us and blinking (also using his litter tray), so we knew at some point he had been loved by someone.  We received a phone call from a lovely gentleman explaining that he saw his photo and believed this cat to be his missing cat Tom.  Tom had ran away every time his owners had made an appointment at the vet for him to be neutered and chipped.  This lovely man came straight away to id him, Tom the cat started purring and became very animated at the sound of his voice, rolling around and showing his belly.  However the man didn’t want to make the decision without his wife confirming too.  Well tonight they called again and we have had confirmation that this baby is indeed Tom who has been missing for 5 years, not far away from home either.

We have the owners permission to keep Tom here so we can get him neutered and chipped before he returns back home to his daughter and his brother from another mother.  We are over the moon for this gentle giant!


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