Getting Bluey Home

We received a report on a facebook group about a deceased cat that was seen along Otterham Quay Lane in Rainham last night around 11pm.  We attended as soon as we could and checked the cat for a chip, he was chipped and his name was Bluey, a gorgeous 4 year old cat.  It was quite late and we don’t normally like to disturb people at night, however because there was no answer on the phone numbers we decided to check the last known property on the chip to see if any lights were on, thankfully there was.

After speaking to the distraught owners they explained that Bluey had not long lost his brother and was still in mourning for him, he was the runt of the litter and was hand reared.  Bluey was loved so much by his owners and will sorely be missed.

Rest in paws heaven little man, we hope you and your brother have found one another again xxxx

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