Getting Luther Home – Missing for 2 Years 9 Months

We were out last night looking for a lost dog in Rainham when a post was placed up in our facebook group about a cat that was seen in Kate Walker and Megan’s garden for months on end, he suddenly walked in to their house with what looked like an abcess on his face. One of our animal welfare officers Kirsty Cook spotted the post and messaged us to say where he was. Thankfully we were 800 yards away from where Kate and her daughter lived.

Kate was so worried about the cat and had started to clean up his wounds (she then gave him some spaghetti bolognese as a treat for sitting so well as she tried her best to tidy him up). We attended and brought him back to HQ for some extra tlc and flea treatment as he was running alive with fleas. We checked him for a chip but no chip was found. We did a post for him on our group to try and locate an owner.

Kirsty then went digging on our group searching for any lost cats in and around that area and she got a hit!  So we messaged and commented on her post just in case. She replied and came to see him this evening. He was growling initially then she said his name and he lifted his head and meowed at her like ‘omg mum!’

We are over the moon that Luther is going home after 2 years and 9 months of roaming the streets. The owner will be getting him vet checked, neutered and chipped as a late Christmas present.

Thank you to Kate, Megan & Co for looking after him so well and trusting us to help.

Be safe beautiful boy!


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