We will start this story at the beginning… ….. A lovely lady spotted a very poorly cat in her garden in Chatham and called on us for help. The lady managed to contain the cat so one of our volunteers could attend to bring him to HQ. Once he was here we chip checked him […]
We received a report on our facebook group about a deceased cat that was found along St John’s Road in Gillingham this morning. The lady that reported moved the cat to safety before she had to go to work so we could attend and retrieve the cat. We chip checked the cat and unfortunately there […]
We received a report a few days ago about a cat hanging around on Grange Road in Gillingham. A lovely lady called Christine had seen the cat and had started to give the cat some food but the cat was most definitely not approachable. A couple of people reported their cats were missing from this […]
We had a lovely lady turn up on our doorstep with a cat in a basket desperately asking for help for a cat that seemed unwell and very unkempt. She gave us a little back story of this cat that had been hanging around a chip shop in Chatham getting scraps and sleeping under some […]
We received a couple of reports about a deceased cat that was seen along Arden Street in Gillingham. We attended as soon as we could to check the little baby for a chip. Thankfully a lovely gentlemen called Joshua had picked the baby up and wrapped her in towels inside a box to keep her […]
We received a call this morning from South East Coast Ambulance Service. They had attended a property where a man had passed away. Unfortunately the man had been deceased for a few days and he had a little cat with no family to take the cat on. We attended as soon as we could to […]
A post went up on our group about a deceased cat along Otterham Quay Ln, Rainham, Gillingham. Our volunteer Janet Dean-Edmead attended to retrieve and scan. Thankfully the cat was chipped, her name was Candy. Candy’s owners are devastated by the news of Candy’s passing. Janet took Candy to her vets to be laid to […]
We received a report about an injured cat along Richmond Road/Medway Street in Gillingham last night. One of our animal welfare officers Abigail Newman attended and checked the little one for a chip. Unfortunately he was not chipped or neutered, he is black all over. His fur feels as though he has been out for […]
We received a call this evening about a cat that was involved in an RTA. The original driver of the vehicle didn’t stop but a lovely young man did. He picked the cat up gently and moved the cat to the side of the road and called us immediately, unfortunately the cat died on impact. […]
We received a report this morning about a deceased cat along Pier Road in Gillingham. We attended as soon as we could and check the cat for a chip. Thankfully he was chipped and his name was Jackpot, a beautiful black cat that had been missing for around 8 months. He was only a few […]

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